Home Hospitality

Your chance to host Rotarians from abroad.

Interested in hosting visiting Rotarians for Home Hospitality?

On Monday, June 25, 2018, we'll be hosting 5,000 visiting Rotarians from around the world. We're looking for Rotarians and Rotary clubs to host our guests visiting Toronto. You can organize something as simple as a BBQ in your back yard for 4 or 6 guests, or something larger hosted at a venue of your choice.

How Home Hospitality Works

When Rotarians register for the 2018 convention, they can choose to attend Home Hospitality. As we only have 5,000 spots, it sells out fast! Delegates get randomly assigned to one of the host events we organize. As a delegate, you never know who, what or where you'll end up, but it's always a great time.

As hosts, delegates will be assigned to your event. Delegates will be transported to your venue for you. You are expected to serve a meal and your event must be no more than 1 hour away from the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. See the FAQ below for more details.

Register for Home Hospitality

Home Hospitality FAQ

These are some of the most frequent questions we get asked about home hospitality.

There are three types of events.

  • Personal home Hospitality, where one couple hosts 2-3 couples at their home or other location.
  • Group Host Hospitality, where more than one couple get together, usually at a home or a private club
  • Club(s) Host Hospitality, where the entire club, or group of clubs go together to host a dinner at a location such as a restaurant, club, church, school, etc.

The limitation is the distance from the downtown Toronto area, due to traffic. Venues should not be more than one hour bus ride, from the Convention Centre.

Some clubs take their guests to interesting sites in their areas or provide some interesting information on the area, history, club activities. Some provide entertainment, such as a band or a speaker, etc.
Buses will be provided for large groups( a bus load 40-60). If a club in an area has a number of hosts, then the bus will deliver the guests to a central location and hosts will pick up their guests individually. If you are in Toronto, it will be your responsibility to make arrangements to pick up your guests, if your group is less than 40 people.
We expect Buses will be ready to depart from the Toronto Convention Centre, starting at 2-2:30 pm.( timing will depend on travel distance and time.) Guests will be told that they will be returned to the downtown area by 9pm.
The hosts are responsible for the cost of this event, except for the bus transportation which will be borne by Rotary.
We need a contact person from your club to oversee the event. This person will be responsible for passing along information and for letting us know the number of venues and people that your club members might be able to accommodate. Sign up Sheets are required for each host and are available at each club or on line. If you have Club members who speak other languages and would like to have guests from a particular country, you need to advise us through your representative.
Once we have all the registrations, we will be assigning our guests to hosts. Names, hotel information, emails and phone numbers will be provided when possible.
Yes, you may add them to your guest list but they will not be part of our Host Hospitality list of people , who we identify as being your guests.