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We need your help!

The Host Organizing Committee for the 2018 RI Convention is Toronto needs your help! Specifically, we need your ideas and thoughts on:

  • Entertainment:
    In the House of Friendship we have a stage that needs entertainment. We need to have acts running back to back pretty much all day. If you have ideas of great local Candian entertainment, please submit them. As Toronto is a multi-cultural city, we're looking for representation that represents our city.
  • Sponsors:
    We're looking for contacts to sponsor the convention. If you contacts for companies that are looking for the kind of exposure a convention with 25,000+ attendees provides, please send us more information. We're vetting the sponsors and then staff at RI follows through.
  • Vendors:
    The House of Friendship needs vendors. If you have any contacts that would like to have a booth at the convention, please send them our way. Most details, including a floor plan, will be posted after the convention in Atlanta.

If you have any other ideas beyond these immediate needs, please feel free to submit them. Someone on the HOC will get back to you.

Submit Your Ideas